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Looping develops environmentally friendly transport packaging and delivers reuse as a service

Reuse – a business model for the future

Looping is a company specializing in the production of durable and reusable transport packaging for construction modules, housing modules and steel containers. Our first product series Modulcover ™ is adapted to the module market with a reusable protective cover for contractor modules, housing modules and steel modules.

We offer reuse as a service, making sustainable packaging a cost efficient and climate freindly choice while reducing mounting time and unnecessary waste for our clients. The product innovation itself eliminates the use of disposable plastic and reduces time spent on packaging and disassembly by up to 75%.

So far we have eliminated over 60 tons of single use plastic from the construction and rental industry with long standing clients such as Ramirent and Cramo Group. Their feedback is clear; going back to single use plastic is not an option. This decleration of confidence is our primary motivation and we pride ourselves on delivering a product innovation that make our clients thrive.

Our collaboration partners

Looping works with a selection of partners on sustainability, innovation and R&D. We see great value in participating in industry forums and cluster collaborations that can drive new circular solutions.

Key information

  • Established: 2017
  • Founded by CEO Jens Brustad
  • Develops circular packaging solutions and technology that enables reuse
  • Production facilities in Vilnius, Litauen
  • Headquarter at Skøyen in Oslo
  • Local storage and service facilities at Lørenskog in Viken
  • 7 employees in Norway, 6 in Lithuania
  • Delivers to clients throughout the Nordic region and is scaling to Europe in 2021


Looping works towards the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development:



no. 09

Industry, innovation and infrastructure


no. 11

Sustainable cities and communities


no. 12

Responsible consumption and production

Our Story

Looping was started in 2017 after founder Jens Brustad accidentally drove past a construction site and observed contractor modules packed in large quantities of disposable plastic, which in addition to protecting the modules, appeared to pose a big waste problem. He was eager to take a closer look at the challenge and asked several companies if they would be willing to participate in a pilot project that would lead to affordable and more environmentally friendly packaging for their modules.

One company said yes.

After a period of development and testing, the rental company Ramirent was able to move away from using disposable plastic on its almost 7,000 modules that must be protected from humidity and damage during transport and storage. The result was a new type of reusable packaging which since the beginning has saved Ramirent 40 tons of waste Since then, Looping has invested in establishing its own production line in Lithuania through its subsidiary Looping Production and has expanded in Norway with a modern warehouse at Lørenskog that equips us to meet future demand.

Today, Looping has 7 employees in Norway and 6 in Lithuania. We are growing fast and introduced Modulcover to the Swedish and Finnish markets in 2020. The opportunities for thinking about circular industrial solutions are endless, which is why we are constantly expanding with new products where reuse is at the core of the service we provide.

Material testing on Jens’s farm

Ida Pernille Hatlebrekke, Jens Brustad, Josefine Brekke and Herman Persen Fostvedt




“Would never go back to disposable plastic”



Ramirent "That is great!" The rental company Ramirent saves 10 ...

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