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The chapel is our product made for housing modules. It is produced in a range of sizes for modules for houses, kindergartens, schools and other building systems.

100% Recycable

Results from use of Chapel


Cover for chapel uses integrated fastening points for short side and long side. Looping designs the chapel based on the module and can offer a high degree of tailoring.

No plastic or other waste

Reduces condensation

Integrated fastening mechanisms

No need for barges

Reduced time spent packaging during project

Fewer crane lifts when dismantling

Less wear and tear on the module due to reduced use of screws in the packaging

Fewer HSE-related injuries as a result of fewer working hours and easier lifting

Faster logistics in and out of building site

Improved transport as a result of the packaging not blowing up during transport

Positive for environmental accounting and competitiveness in tendering processes



single use plastic



-1t 38min

assembly time


crane lift



We have chapel for housing mosules in a variety of sizes. Among our costumers are Adapteo, Mylift og HIBAS and more.




Jørgen Sebastian Ebbel Frederiksen


Modulecover™ is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. A durable but at the same time easy-to-handle material, which can be recycled without losing value. Polypropylene is well suited for reuse, as it is waterproof, robust and can withstand transport, action, weather and wind.

With the polymer research institute Norner, we work with R&D to ensure optimal material composition and functionality through analytical testing, evaluation of physical and chemical properties, environmental impact and testing of material properties.