“Would never go back to disposable plastic”

Cramo has reduced 6 tons of plastic and reduced the packaging time by over 50% using modulecover

Cramo can with good reason be called a pioneer in the construction industry. The company started in 1953 when the demand for construction machinery increased significantly after World War II. Responsible and environmentally friendly operations have been at the company’s core since the beginning.

– At Cramo, we work actively to reduce our footprint. Therefore, we are happy when we find innovations that allow us to deliver equipment and services that are better for both our customers and for the environment, says Harald Moholt, department manager for modules at Cramo.

He estimates that Cramo has reduced the packaging time for modules by 50%, a significant reduction in time spent and costs that creates a more effective workday for all employees. Laths and nails previously accounted for a large proportion of waste which, with the help of Modulcover, is eliminated by introducing smart fastening mechanisms that are fastened to the roof of the module.

Cramo module packaged with a module cover during the dismantling of a construction site in Oslo.




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